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    What counts as representation in TV?

    I am interested in writing about LGBTQA representation in TV and analyzing these representations in terms of stereotypes, their character development and their overall contribution to the story. I will discuss a few of the shows that I watch regularly from a variety of genres to see how LGBTQA characters are represented in different genres. I will also discuss shipping, queerbaiting, and response to LGBTQA characters.

    • Very interesting topic! I was thinking about what actually qualifies as queerbaiting the other day and would love to see that question explored, because I think the lines between queerbaiting, having a token gay character, and simply casual representation are kind of blurred. And do you want to focus solely on TV, or maybe expand that a bit to LGBTQA representation in general popular culture? I was thinking of Welcome to Night Vale (podcast), which has a huge fandom right now and features very healthy sexuality and gender representation. – OneLittleLaurie 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Very interesting article. I really like how you connected Melisandre’s nude scene in season 4 to the power she has over Selyse. I agree with your point that the show could limit the use of nudity as opposed to adding more male nudity. In fact, they sometimes do this once or twice a season and honestly I don’t miss the nudity. Nudity may be essential to a few of the scenes on this show but sometimes it is excessive.

    Game of Thrones: Don't Judge a Boob by its Cover

    I am a huge Buffy fan and always will be but I think it’s important to be critical about the things we like and dislike. Overall this article is very well written and thought out. I agree that Buffy seemed to be punished for her sexuality while Xander was rewarded for it or empowered by it. It would be interesting to look at other Buffy characters like Willow, Faith and Anya and use the same criteria to critique them.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed: The Re-Feminization of Female "Superheroes"

    A very in-depth look at the popularity of the dystopian genre. This genre gets me thinking about events going on in our world now and in the future. I really enjoyed the comparison of events in Divergent and The Hunger Games to high school.

    The Rising Popularity of Dystopian Literature

    This was very insightful. I have been watching YouTubers for years without even thinking about this aspect of vlogging. Excellent read!

    YouTube Capitalism: Vlogging Celebrities and Advertisers

    Both an interesting commentary on the role Robin has in Batman mythos and the history of each of the Robin characters. Stephanie Brown is one of my personal favourites.

    The History of Robin: The Significance of Superhero Sidekicks