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    Megyn Kelly is always going to be Megyn Kelly

    I think it would be interesting to explore how much or how little Megyn Kelly has changed since moving to MSNBC. I think it was signalled by her and by the channel that she was or would be different to her Fox News persona but it doesn’t seem to have been true. Maybe people think that’s good or maybe they think it’s bad. Either side I think it’s an interesting topic.

    • Maybe one problem for Kelly is that she is seen in her current position as though she were still at Fox News. Can she escape her past? Other Fox News figures have moved on to other stations, but in Kelly's case her high visibility from confronting Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign stays with her. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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    I do not think Beauty and the Beast is feminist at all. I love Belle and the song that she sings at the starts speaks and spoke to young Shannon so directly but by the end of the film all that is lost. She doesn’t become anything but a wife and someone who like to read. She such a smart and independent woman and even if you forgive the Beast (which we shouldn’t because it domestic abuse) the storytellers didn’t let her use any of those fantastic and feminist characteristics to propel her life or change it.

    Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think

    Judy Bloom says it’s a bit of both and I think she’s correct. It’s in the audience questions section at 37:30. The whole interview is brilliant though.

    Judy Blume with Samantha Bee

    Are Creative Writers Taught or Talented?

    This is great and you are right on the money. I think it should also be discussed how there are only like two Disney stories where the female protagonist isn’t focussed on finding love.

    Women, Culture and Politics: Buffy's Critical Bite

    I think autobiographies and collections of personal essays are places where audiobook are necessary and often better than reading a physical book. I listen again and again and again to every Nora Ephron book and I enjoy so much every time because I can hear her words in her voice.

    Audiobooks: Do they Enhance or Diminish the Enjoyment of a Story?