I'm an English, German, and sociology grad and am passionate about women's issues. I love Harry Potter and all things fantasy, especially fairytales :)

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    Politics and the Media

    The media often reflects or comments on the current political atmosphere. Have politics always been a part of popular media, or is the media becoming more political as polarization in the country increases? One could compare how politics were portrayed in the media in the past, or how political orientations and debates enter today’s most popular TV shows and films. What happens when popular media becomes political? Does everyone’s voices get heard, or do certain political trends dominate the media market at certain times?

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      Thank you, Siothrún!

      Bad Boys: Dark, Dangerous, Disturbing… and Delicious

      I enjoyed your article! I don’t usually pair feminism with food, but I love the points you made. I agree with the community aspect!

      Feminism and Food in Film

      I love your article! Very relevant issue. I like how you include the history of fairytales. Those norms are outdated! I like how Disney princesses are getting more personalities, but those pervasive beauty standards, and even standards of good behavior as you pointed out, are detrimental.

      Fairytales and Feminism: "I Don't Wanna be Like Cinderella"

      I agree with your points! I love Vampire Diaries, but around season 5 it starts to be less appealing. In defense of Vampire Diaries, it is very difficult to keep a good show going when you have already gone through much of the main story. I especially like your point about interesting villains. After the Originals become less scary, there aren’t a lot of good villains. In seasons seven and eight, the villains become too evil, with no good in them. The allure of a great villain is one who choses to be evil but has some hint of good in them.

      4 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Spiraling into Mediocrity

      I enjoyed reading this article! The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite classics. I agree that although it is a stereotype, it is still part of our modern-day culture that men want beauty and women want wealth. I think there is more to matchmaking than that, but beauty and money are still strong influences in the marriage market today (for both men and women). Also, I think that Gatsby loved money more than Daisy. Gatsby didn’t just want Daisy, he wanted everything she represented: wealth, class, and social prestige. However, he did love Daisy too, but it was a foolish and shallow love, as you point out.

      Daisy Buchanan: Love, Folly and Money in The Great Gatsby

      Interesting article! I think you raise some good points- female writers likely fall into similar traps as male writers do sometimes with making the opposite sex too stereotypical or fake. However, I think some of the examples you use show how female writers have created some complex male characters successfully. Snape, for example, is a complex character who avoids being placed into a box. Rochester is also rather complex. I think an interesting side question is how do these stereotypes affect men and women with dating? But at the same time, sometimes you just like reading a good story with heroic characters, rather than realistic ones. Twilight gets criticized a lot, but a juicy love triangle with attractive characters is a lot of fun.

      Men Written by Women: Dreamboats or Brutes?