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Islamophobia in Films

Analyse the treatment of Muslims in various films. Does the treatment of Muslims have a significant impact on its viewers and how they proceed to view Muslims? Some may say that films like "American Sniper" may just be movies but they have a very real impact when it comes to anti-Muslim sentiment in the Western world.

  • Would be interesting to explore different national cinemas for comparison. Do American films treat and depict the Muslim community in a different way than Europeans do, or Asians, or anywhere else in the world? What about Middle East cinema? – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago
  • Definitely worth talking about. – Winter 9 years ago
  • This doesn't need to be confined to films of a recent vintage, either. It may be more helpful to look at how popular films of the past -- "The Thief of Bagdad" (1924), "Wee Willie Winkie" (1937), "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), "The Black Stallion" (1979). All of these films contributed to the relative ignorance of Western audiences when it comes to the public perception of Muslims. – John Wilson 9 years ago
  • It would be useful to compare different film genres before and after 9/11 and how Muslims/Islam is represented in relation to that disaster. – Maryam 9 years ago
  • "Not without my daughter" is the best pre-9/11 movie to analyze islamophobia. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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Enjoyed reading this. What’s always interested me about Tony Stark is that he makes mistakes, he’s human, and he’s constantly trying to account for his mistakes and work to be better. I think it’s pretty unfortunate that such a great hero is used so consistently for nefarious purposes like you stated.

Top 10 Times Iron Man was Brainwashed

Really loved reading this awesome analysis!

American Psycho: A Post Modern Horror

Loved reading this. Made me really think about Harry Potter’s own impact on me and my thinking of the series.

Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences

Really fascinating read. Had never heard of it and am now excited really excited to watch it.

Anatomy of A Murder: The Art of Observation