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    How tropes can be a valuable writing tool to help create compelling characters.

    Look into how using specific tropes can help a writer to make their characters more recognisable for their target audience. Discuss how tropes are often used in mainstream media in order to quickly assemble a cast of characters and how playing with peoples expectations of tropes makes for engaging storytelling

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    I had no idea how rich into history they went with game. I realised that this game was based on a what-if version of history, yet they managed to very deftly weave the story to incorporate their game elements without making it feel forced.

    They also did a fantastic job making the side missions feel important. They tie into the main missions and give not only great lore, but lore relevant items and equipment as well that make you feel like you are truly immersed in the world.

    Ni-Oh - More Than Just A Foreigner Hero

    I think a good way to bring the series back to life is to introduce a new protagonist in the form of a protege for Samus. The game could be Samus teaching said underling the ropes, and as the game progresses Samus begins to let you out on your own and you begin to complete missions by yourself. The end result would be Samus passing the torch to this new hunter, which would then allow for a new series of game based around this character.

    It would allow for the spirit of the series to continue on with play style and environments remaining true to the originals, yet it would breathe life back into the series and allow them to move the games into a direction they feel more comfortable with.

    Why Nintendo Should Make a New Metroid Game

    Mario Kart is the series that shows a perfect example of simplistic evolution. The core game play has remained the same, you drive karts around a track and pick up power ups, yet with each iterations they add a new mechanic or level and update the art and software to match the new generation.

    If you were to look at the first game compared to the latest game, you would think they weren’t in anyway the same series except for perhaps the characters or maps. Yet from one game to the next, you can see much of the similarities save for a fresh new idea here and there.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best showcase of the Switch's potential