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    How Louis CK changed conventional TV Show making with "Horace and Pete"

    Examine Louis CK’s new show, how it was released (without hefty invasive marketing strategies and advertisement) (a practice that is becoming more common in the music industry, notably with BeyoncĂ©) Analyse the show’s use of time (as proof of an intellectually more engaging show) and its politics

    • I think that's a great idea for an article. It would be interesting to chart how this practice of suddenly releasing art began and who else of note has participated. Another thing to explore would be how Louis CK's production of "Horace and Pete" differs from other examples of this, considering that he payed for the production of the show right out of his own pocket. By analyzing the content of the show and the ways in which it engages with viewers on an intellectual level, you could write about how this practice allows for greater creative freedom and, consequently, more engaging television. – Faron Wade-Lang 8 years ago

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    What people tend to forget or overlook is that lots of filmmakers started out as critics, like François Truffaut or Miguel Gomes, directors who have produced films of great quality. Criticism is key, because Cinema, just like any work of art is here to spark off a debate and a dialogue, and critics allow this dialogue to be made. They give us the tools, for a better understanding of films and to find some deeper resonance.

    The Glaring Importance of Critics in Filmmaking

    Ginsberg is the man.

    Tears Spilled in Aisle Six: The Supermarket as a Conformist Hell

    It’s just a great feeling to be able to dig deeper and deeper into a thought or topic/issue almost in a limitless way. Something which can be restricted by the circumstances of a conversation or the exterior world.

    The Act of Writing: A Semantic Exploration