Tom Dianora

My name is Tom Dianora. I'm a 23-year-old yuppie (though not like Patrick Bateman) living in LA. I have a passion for film that I like to tap into through writing.

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Del Toro being at the helm would be my only reason for considering this movie, but even then, I’ve grown so tired of films in this mold. That said, I’m glad to hear it was geared toward people who are truly fans rather than completely engineered by the studio.

Pacific Rim Review: Del Toro's ode to all things Mecha, Monster and Massive

This is a really cool motif, especially when conveyed via film. I’ve actually never heard of any of these movies, but they all sound intriguing!

Phantom Sisters? 5 Films That Make You Doubt

Awesome article! I’ll admit I had never heard of Luis Tosar but I’m not definitely intrigued to check out some of his catalog.

Luis Tosar: The Greatest Actor You've Probably Never Heard Of

DEFINITELY want to check out this film. Nice article!

Fruitvale Station Review: The Most Important Film of the Year

Awesome read! I’m also glad you didn’t give away too much, because I’ve been told I should start watching this show. This article certainly validates that.

Orange is the New Black: A Television Milestone

Nice article. I’m not really into biblical media and I’ve even grown tired of superhero movies, but I’m a big enough Aronofsky fan to give this movie a shot. I’m a little nervous that he might try too hard here, but he’s so brilliant that like you say, I can’t imagine the film being completely horrible.

That said, I’d like to see him go back to the psychological thriller/gut-wrenching drama genres, a la Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream.

Darren Aronofsky's Noah: Will This Be the Director's Break Into Blockbuster Territory?

Cool theme and a nice list of fairly obscure films. I see a lot of the time your “steamy” theme was more symbolic, but one of the first things I thought of was Do the Right Thing, which takes place on one extremely hot day in NYC.

5 Steamy Movies to Watch on a Hot Summer Day

Agree with your last point. There is much more of a selection bias with user ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. With critics’ aggregate ratings, you’re throwing that bias out the window, because critics see and rate practically every movie.

5 Reasons 'The Lone Ranger' is As Good a Movie as 'The Artist'