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    Scandal: The White Hat symbolism

    Throughout the entire series the term white hat is tossed back and forth but what does it mean. I think its about being the good guy. Whoever where the white hat is considered the one who is winning and doing the right thing. In this show we easily see where the lines between good and evil are crossed so is wearing the white hat even worth it. I think if someone could track the metaphor they’d be able to understand the relationship between Olivia and Joshua a lot better.

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      I originally was shocked by the gender change because it has already been shown that the Doctor is married to River Song. I was curious to see how Jodi Whittaker as the Doctor would interact with her wife. I thought some of the reasons why people were upset was the idea of the Doctor now being a lesbian or bisexual and that rift of discovery that would need to be explained for the audience to understand. I think the writers decided early on to not touch on the issue for awhile. This wasn’t mentioned in your article at all so now I’m thinking it was just me who thought this.

      A Female #doctor13: Why the Controversy?

      I completely agree with you. I was a little hurt that even in the end he wanted to be with Robin but your write the way the story was told that made the most sense. I guess to be towards the end of the show time began to jump so quickly I feel like viewers didn’t have a chance to take everything in. We just fell in love with Tracy for us to not really see their life together just a montage of scenes that didn’t seem to do her justice and then she passed away. It felt like we didn’t get to see him mourning, moving on and eventually being in a place where he could love again and ask out Robin. I think that as someone whose finished the series I can definitely look back and say the whole story came from a place of love and lost but towards the end we didn’t get to feel it as much as the beginning. Overall amazing article, I especially loved the breakdown of the blue french horn and the yellow umbrella!

      How I Met Your Mother - Who Was Ted Really Meant To End Up With: Tracy Or Robin?

      I’ve never watched The Golden Girls in fear that I wouldn’t really be able to relate to it although I’ve heard positive reviews. This article made me want to pick up the show even if it was just to watch the progression of their lives and examine the writing of the show. I think that this article was so well done because you used enough examples for me to understand your point without ever watching an episode but all of our point were backed up by personal evidence and although lengthy really very enjoyable.

      How The Golden Girls Changed the Face and Narrative of Aging