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    Theosophy, and America's attempts at a new religion

    Theosophy was an American religion which emerged during the Spiritualist movement of the late 19th century, and is considered to be the starting point from which various new-age ideologies originated. Analyze the ideas espoused by Theosophical texts, its effects on American art and culture, and how these ideas have influenced modern thinking.

    • Can you give examples of theosophical texts on which writers can base an article? Also, "American arts and culture" and "modern thinking" are good starting points, but broad. Can you narrow these down? This might help the argument you seem to be going for, which is that theosophical texts are contributing to a new religion (what kind of new religion? Based on what)? – Stephanie M. 1 year ago

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    Interesting article overall. But I’m skeptical of the idea put forth here that Victorians in general had high ambitions concerning the role of the poet, as a single painting doesn’t provide much evidence

    Should Modern Newspapers Publish Poetry?

    I don’t really see how this is relevant to the article. But anyway, you generally don’t have to wait at all. Most poetry book and chapbook publishers don’t really care if individual pieces have been published previously. In some cases, the magazine will require you to provide credit as the first publisher.

    Should Modern Newspapers Publish Poetry?

    Thank God someone is talking about Helter Skelter! It’s such a good work and has unfortunately fallen under the radar

    Exploring the impact of social medias through Helter Skelter and Black Mirror's Nosedive

    I love seeing Baudrillard’s work in a conversation about social media. I wish it made a bigger part! Good article nonetheless

    The Mystery Behind the Influence of Instagram and The Popular Culture Industry

    This reminds me of what Kandsinky said (it must have been Concerning the Spiritual in Art) on different artistic mediums all having the same purpose (expressing an inner need) except with different restrictions concerning time (music and literature must abide by it, visual art is free from it). Of course, in the abstract, time and distance are the same thing.

    Movement and Location: A Brief Comment on Meaning in the Literary Experience

    I appreciate the historical context given here. I’ve heard of this fellow before and found him interesting, but it isn’t until now that I can more or less understand him (as much as one can with this guy)

    Tehching Hsieh: The Experience of Time and Duration in Performance Art