Vaishnavi is currently a medical student who has a passion for improving education and watching Bollywood movies.

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    Indian actors on American Television and in Hollywood

    Dev Patel, Aziz Ansari, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone: These are all actors of Indian origin who have played major roles in various television series and movies this past year. It would be interesting to analyze the reasons why this transition from stereotypical sidekicks to main characters has taken place.

    • Hear Hear. I love this topic and look forward to reading this article. – Munjeera 7 years ago
    • I think this is a solid idea. Aziz's Master of None episode about race and casting was so interesting. I think a problem though might be this question might be easy to answer: as (some) people keep pushing for inclusion, we see a broader portrayal of race than simply a black/white binary. Although maybe not! – agmill 7 years ago

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    The topic of abortion can be considered taboo by some, so many women turn to television and Hollywood for guidance, so it is very important to have this discussion on the screen. More than the medical procedure itself, it is helpful when the character contemplates the effects of her actions. Very thought-provoking article!

    How TV Depicts Abortion: From Maude to Miranda

    When a book is well-written, it is often worth rereading again, as the author may have included details that may have been missed the first time. For example, when I reread the Harry Potter series, I picked up on details that were important later in the book. It is was very insightful to observe how Rowling managed to keep all of the elements in her book straight.

    Why Reread Books? The Pros and Cons of Rereading

    Excellent article! Sometimes, it is easy to dismiss Disney characters because they do not follow our own perception of feminism. However, when taking the entire context of the situation in each story, these women are incredibly strong and independent, which is definitely not anti-feminism.

    Many times, people can easily define what feminism is not. However, it is important to take into account that the idea of “feminism” can be different depending upon the context and situation. This article takes each Princess’ environment into account when defining them as feminist. Wonderfully written!

    Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think