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    The Glorious Adventure

    In Richard Halliburton’s 1927 book "The Glorious Adventure" the reporter explored Greece, Italy and the Mediterranean in attempts to follow the paths of Odysseus of "The Odyssey" and Lord Byron’s escapades across Europe. What other fictional of historic "Odyssey" could one go on? Explore this idea in writing and explain why one would want to make this journey.

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      I agree with JustJohn, the show the Librarians as well as the movies they spun off of give librarians a different light. Though they do involve artifacts and magic they library becomes a character of its own giving the heroes the knowledge they need to save the day. Similarly, though involving only artifacts but various that are based on history and literature, Warehouse 13 show “librarians” in a way. Just a thought.

      The League Of Extraordinary Librarians

      I admire Banksy and the messages he works into his art. My fear is in how popular he is becoming. People have over the year made him into a household name and instead of causing social change he’s just seen as a good artist. Instead of making the change he hopes for he is becoming absorbed in mainstream art by the same people he wishes to change. Street art has become too “cool” to make a difference at the moment. Until people take the ideas more seriously and not as a money making system like Mr. Brainwash it’ll never have the same impact.

      Banksy: The Elusive Street Graffiti Artist

      It would be interesting to poll player moral choices in this and other games and see the balance between the moralities of all players. I wonder if each players initial play through resembles themselves more since theoretically they would not be attempting to achieve a specific ending the first go round. I like how you described both sides as variations of good. I know I personally lean to the renegade side but am but no means “bad” just a little more harsh in command.

      The Role of Choice in the Mass Effect Universe