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Jonathan Matos

Author and fanboy. Burdened with glorious purpose.

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Latest Comments

Jonathan Matos

Still haven’t checked out this show and I so need to. Thanks for the reminder!

Black Books: 4 Reasons the British Sitcom Remains a Classic
Jonathan Matos

I love dystopian fiction. Glad I got this handy shortlist to add to my very long one.

Dystopian Fiction: What to Read after The Hunger Games
Jonathan Matos

I really appreciate the idea that feminist characters shouldn’t be perfect. Realistic characters have flaws despite the strongest desire to be politically correct. Great reminder.

Representations of Women in Television: A Feminist's Dilemma
Jonathan Matos

This is challenging as a writer with diction issues. Thanks for the reminder!

Fancy Talk: When Characters Are Too Smart For Their Own Good
Jonathan Matos

Great idea and article! I was thinking throughout the movie how it seemed to be geared towards artists, and this is an even deeper way of thinking about that theme.

Apollonian and Dionysian Artistic Impulses in The Lego Movie
Jonathan Matos

I’m not sure how they’re going to work around Peeta not being captured, and I agree that Gale hasn’t been well characterized. Hopefully they have a good reason for keeping Peeta and they can get us to feel something more about Gale in the next two movies.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay: How Will The Third Installment be Interpreted On-Screen?
Jonathan Matos

I’ve never read Kraven’s Last Hunt, although after your article I think I’ll have to. I remember seeing him in the Black Spidersuit and wondering why he was in it, and it looks like that hints at how its so much more than another Kraven issue.

Also, the top two are probably my favorite Spider-man stories. Great picks!

Three Essential Spider-Man Stories: Power and Responsibility
Jonathan Matos

I also have two older sisters. It also frustrated me that anyone could distort such a great message about sibling love into political propaganda.

Gay Subtext in Frozen and Other Disney Films: Whose Agenda is It, Anyway?