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    Should Nintendo stop making hardware and just focus on software?

    The Wii-U was a commercial flop, with only 13 million units shipped, yet everyone continues to love Nintendo and all of their franchises. With the Nintendo Switch coming out soon this could be Nintendo’s last chance at hardware if this console doesn’t succeed. If this console fails, will Nintendo become the next Sega and become focused just on software instead of hardware?

    • An interesting topic. I believe we already have an article exploring what the Nintendo Switch needs to do in order to succeed, but I do think it's at least important to address that. Perhaps one can give examples of Sega's own failures or trace their own history - can any other major comparisons be made between the two? Or will Nintendo simply bounce back from any potential failure of the Switch because they are so well-loved due to their brand or franchises? What would it even mean to become the "next Sega"? – karebear7 7 years ago
    • I haven't been into Nintendo products for awhile now, but I was surprised that the Wii-U flopped.The parallels with Sega are a little scary, though I would say Nintendo has much stronger legs to stand on than Sega did, This is a great topic. – MikeySheff 7 years ago
    • Hi! I wrote an article about the Nintendo Switch and what factors might determine its success but I think there is plenty of room to discussion the idea of Nintendo getting out of the console making game in a new article. Maybe focusing on pros and cons of the move from making both software and hardware to just hardware would be a good fit for this topic. What is gained and lost by Nintendo no longer making hardware and focusing just on software. – SeanGadus 7 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I love horror movies! They are my favorite genre of movies, by a mile. There are a lot of crappy horror movies out there, but the good ones are just so good that I can’t help but love them. I’ve recently fallen into a rabbit hole of watching old B horror movies that are just so terribly made. I love it.

    Horror Movies, Why We Love [Some of] Them

    I think that the main flaw with The Killing Joke is that there isn’t any exposition on Barbara Gordon. This turns her into an object or a pawn just caught in the play between Batman, Joker, and Gordon. I would rather her be a great character so that way we feel something when this happens to her; but it doesn’t within that story. The feelings we have towards Barbara aren’t earned at all.

    Women in Refrigerators: Killing Females in Comics

    I loved Zootopia! I thought that the risk Disney took by making such a strong female character was fantastic. I’m glad that Judy is unabashedly feminine and not the strong, masculine female stereotype we see so often.

    A Look at 'Zootopia': How Its Heroine Plays in the Field of Fellow Disney Women

    I think that you hit on the two key things necessary for this to succeed. Third party support is an absolute must, as that was one of the major downfalls of the Wii-U. I also think that a strong launch line up is good, but they need to have good games spaced out evenly, so that way they don’t end up with large chunks of stagnant games.

    The Nintendo Switch: What It Needs To Succeed