Hi, I am an English major, Education minor studying at Cleveland State University. In my free time, I love to watch movies, read comics and books, and listen to music.

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    How did 13 Reasons Why change when it was adapted for Netflix?

    13 Reasons Why was hugely popular and important YA novel written in 2007 by Jay Asher. In 2017, it received a 13 episode Netflix adaption, which has renewed interest in the story. How did this story change, develop, or grow in its transition to the screen? Were these changes effective, or did they hinder or distinctly change the overall story or characters?

    Take us through the changes between the netflix series and the book that inspired it.


      How does Binge Watching change the way we watch or engage with "television"

      With the popularity of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, who sometimes release an entire season worth of content at a time, how does this difference in presentation change how we watch and engage with entertainment. Just a few years ago, tv viewers had to tune in week after week to view the last hit t.v. show, but now, many famous and successful shows are released on Netflix at a season by season basis. For example, House of Cards, Marvel Shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage), and Master of None all dropped with their entire season available for viewing from day one of their release. What is the effect on our thoughts and perceptions of a show when we can sit down and view the whole thing in one sitting rather than having to wait week by week for the next episode. What is lost and what is gained in this shift?

      • Very interesting topic. Another facet of it that may be worth exploring in relation to this is how the binge-format is changing, not only how we watch, but also how content is created and structured. For example, something that I noticed while binging BoJack Horseman is that most of the episodes (especially in the later seasons) end very abruptly without a punchy joke or poignant conclusion to facilitate the landing. This would be incredibly frustrating if you then had to wait a week for the following episode to pick up where they left off, but because the show is conducive to binging by design, it works quite well. That's just one example that comes to mind, but I'm sure there are plenty of other ways in which this new form has influenced the content to be found if you take a closer look at it with this in mind. – ProtoCanon 6 months ago
      • Queer film critic B Ruby Rich writes in her book "New Queer Cinema" that television and film used to be community activities. Everyone would gather around a TV and watch it as a family or as a community, but now, it's all personalized and individualized. While people still watch TV and movies together, services like Netflix and Amazon make it much easier to watch television by yourself and in copious quantities. – X 6 months ago
      • Definitely an interesting topic... any polls out there to show what people prefer? Do young people who have grown up with netflix see it as normal? Does the availability make people watch more? What kinds of people prefer binging or prefer waiting? – Sboother 6 months ago
      • This is a particularly alluring topic to explore, especially from a psychological point of view. The concept of binge watching shows has become extremely relevant with the advent of Netlifx and especially, as you mentioned, their originals. Just because the whole season is out doesn't mean that viewers have to scrap their whole Saturday or stay home from work to watch it. The fact that binge watching has become a phenomenon has really highlighted the matter that consumers are showing less and less self control in yet another facet of life. – gabyelan 5 months ago
      • Binge watching would also affect how tv writers create stories because there's no more waiting around. Before Netflix we would have to wait for the next episode to air & there was a suspense/feeling of anticipation, but that feeling has disappeared now b/c all of these shows are now available under our fingertips – seouljustice 3 months ago
      • There's also the new water cooler elitism of those who can afford to pay for up-to-date programming spoiling shows for those who can't afford paid shows. Can someone sponsor me and solve this catastrophic first-world problem? – Tigey 3 months ago
      • Film Crit Hulk, an insightful if somewhat informal writer, wrote a column about this: I absolutely recommend that any potential writer on this topic read Hulk's thoughts before writing. – bookstudent4 3 months ago
      • I have found that the final episode of a series is much more bitter than sweet when I have binge watched the entire season. If I have waited week by week for episodes to air, the season finale is much more exciting. Being forced to patiently wait for the finale adds to the thrill of finally watching it. When I watch a show all at once, I usually arrive at the end of the season without even realizing it's the end. Then I am just left to reflect and be sad that the season ended so abruptly. – InvidaSin 3 months ago
      • I really like to concept of TV shows as forming a community. Even if you sat in front of the TV Thursday night to watch your show at a certain time alone, you knew that many others were watching what you were watching at the same time. What's also interesting is shows "dropping" a whole season at once and then having to wait a whole YEAR to see the next season sometimes. You binge and then by the time the next season comes around you have to rewatch the previous season to recapture the essence of the show again and reconnect with the characters and their plots. – Gaby 2 weeks ago

      Best Launch Titles In Video Games

      It is always exciting when a console or handheld device launches! But there isn’t always great games to play day 1 when a system comes out. With the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launching tomorrow (Zelda is receiving rave reviews from a variety of critics), what are some of the best launch games (on any consoles/handheld) in history?

      • Note, after playing Breath of the wild for a day, I think it should be high on this list... – SeanGadus 2 months ago
      • Great topic, it should also be noted the impact of these launch titles on their respective console. – shynspears 3 weeks ago
      • Be sure to go more in-depth with how these launch titles helped the consoles they came out for. – BMartin43 4 days ago
      • Or how the console highlighted its features. For example: Super Mario 64 and the analog stick and 3D gaming. – SeanGadus 4 days ago

      Super Heroes films as Genre Films

      Super Hero films are here to stay. Each year a variety of super hero films are being released during the course of the year. While the genre "Super hero films" is the predominant label for these films, many super hero films fit very well into other established genres. Guardians of the galaxy fits well into the established Sci-Fi genre. Captain America 2’s cast and director said that the film was influenced by 70 thrillers. The trailer for the new Wolverine film title "Logan" used Johnny Cash’s haunting version of the song ‘Hurt’ to evoke a western feel. The director and star of Logan have gone so far as to dub it a "modern western". Recent trailers for Spider Man homecoming have focused Peter Parker’s high school experience, which might fit in with John Hughes films and other coming of age high school films.

      A question that remains is this: What are the advantages and disadvantages of separating films from the label of "Super hero" films and putting them into other genres such as crime, western, sci-fi, and fantasy? Do we gain deeper insight into these super hero films when we examine the other genres that they are a part of.

      Does saying that a super hero film like The Dark Knight is a crime film help the viewer better understand the film and thus analyze its themes?

      This topic could be taken in many different directions depending the writer’s interest.

      • I agree with you. Super hero films have been and still are a go to choice as far as genre among people. and think are here to stay. They are popular for all ages. and I think are here to stay as far as popularity. You got me to put on my thinking cap on to separate the advantages and disadvantages on super hero films? – veyonna 4 months ago
      • I think that there could be a backlash coming to super hero films. I think that, like the western, it will vanish. Eventually people will lose interest, especially once their favorite actors start being replaced e.g., Robert Downey Jr. will eventually not be Iron Man. I think that they should be put into the box that best represents the theme of the movie. Ant-Man is definitely a heist movie, up there with the Ocean's movies and doesn't bear much semblance to a super hero movie like Guardians of the Galaxy or The Dark Knight. – ZachCarlson 4 months ago

      Will consumers pay $10 for Super Mario Run?

      Get Ready! Nintendo is about to launch its first mobile game on December 15th. This game is Super Mario Run, a platform specifically built with mobile controls in mind. The game will start out free to play, but at some point, you will need to spend $10 to buy the entire game. This is a extremely different business model than games like Candy Crush and Pok√©mon Go, which have micro transactions built into the game, which you can spend as much or as little on the game as you want to. These micro transactions will shape how fast and effectively you progress in a mobile game. Super Mario Run’s business model flies in the face of what is the norm in mobile gaming. My question is this: is a $10 charge too much to pay for a mobile game? And is this one time fee a more fair business model for consumers than the Free to Play, Pay to Win model that has dominated mobile?

      This would be a good topic to write about as the game is releasing. It highlights a key component of the game at a time when the game will have the attention of the mobile market.

      • I like the idea of the game. I would want to have a test trial to be able to decide if I think the game is worth spending $10. Through the free trial period I would make my decision. I do think that is expensive, but I think its reasonable comparing to other options from other mobile games. I'm iffy about it. I guess it'd have to be a really good game, for myself to pay $10. - Nads – Nads43 4 months ago
      • I personally think $10 is tooooo much – Haruskie2 4 months ago
      • Could explain why you think $10 is too much. It might help however ends up writing about this topic to get a clearer insight into how people perceive this product. – SeanGadus 4 months ago
      • Could you explain why you think $10 is too much. It might help however ends up writing about this topic to get a clearer insight into how people perceive this product.Sorry for the spelling errors in the message above... – SeanGadus 4 months ago

      Mentorship and Parenting in Batman Comics

      In comics, mentor figures are critical to the development of super heroes. Batman is by far one of the most famous characters in comics and his origins involves the death of his parents. Despite being considered the "Dark Knight" and usually being considered a isolated character, the Batman mythos involves a large amount of mentoring and parenting within its long history. In many comics such as Scott Snyders new 52 Batman and Batman Earth One, Alfred moves beyond a servant figure to acts as a supportive and mentoring parental figure for Bruce Wayne as he struggles with his role as Batman. This relationship remains a critical and long lasting relationship for Batman. Additionally, throughout his history, Batman has mentored a variety of side kicks including the robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, and Carrie Kelly), Batgirls, and others, acting as a mentor figure, and sometimes a parental figure (in the case of Damian, Bruce is his father). I think this is a rich area for analysis and that it would valuable to examine the parental and mentor relationships within Batman comics, there success and failures, as well as how they impact our hero.

      • This seems like it would be a good topic. I would explore each Robin's backstory and how Batman was able to be a mentor to them aside from making them his sidekicks. – BMartin43 5 months ago

      Aging in Comic Books

      In comic books, character traditionally stay young forever. However, in the past 30 or so years, several important and critically acclaimed stories have focused on aging super hero characters. Stories like the Dark Knight Returns (Batman) and Old Man Logan (Wolverine) have aged their respective characters well into middle age. These stories are considered some of the best for their respective characters (DKR is a landmark title) but how are these characters different than their younger counterparts. What is the impact of aging super heroes, who are traditionally portrayed as eternally young. How does the reader’s perception of these characters change when they grow old or advance in age?

      • Interesting topic. It could be interesting to also discuss why Spiderman hasn't aged much in his comics, since many have already made fascinating commentary on that (; worth watching the whole thing, but relevant content begins at 4:22). – ProtoCanon 6 months ago
      • Another interesting affect this has on characters is the sliding time line of their back stories. Sometimes the writers can retcon this sort of stuff with little fuss, i.e. punisher fighting in Vietnam is changed to Iraq. But for a character like Magneto, whose origin story and, by extension, entire world view stem from his experience of the Holocaust, it's very hard to explain why he's not dead at this point.I don't know if you want to touch on this also, but related to this issue is the fact that characters who never age never die(and if they do, comic book death is cheap). So we have golden age, silver age, bonze age, and modern age heroes all occupying the same stage, all very nearly the same age. This presents especially interesting problems for legacy characters with large families. Take the bat family, that has something like four robins, three batgirls, and a bat-woman in it right now. And I think all four people who've held the flash mantel are alive now too. Not to mention the 6(?) green lanterns currently inhabiting sector 2814. Crises only keep these characters dead for so long. – ealohr 6 months ago
      • Also worth noting is how lack of aging can be tied to lack of development in characters, so writers often reuse the same story tropes instead of letting the characters progress (i.e. the reversal of Peter and MJ's marriage leaving Peter as a single guy again, or bringing Aunt May back to life). – jnardone 6 months ago

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      Awesome article! It was only about two or three years ago that I learned more about Carrie Fisher and her career and impact. For a long time when was I was younger I just knew that she was princess Leia but there is so much to her as an actress and person!

      Great article! I loved learning more about Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia’s legacy! Hope her performance in Episode is amazing. I hope it will be a fitting tribute to her life and legacy.

      The Legacy of Princess Carrie

      I am so excited for E3 2017 as well. I hope there can be some exciting new announcements (new Metroid and a new Smash would be nice). But over all I want to see more crazy new IPs from Nintendo.

      The core idea of the switch has been executed well, it just needs more games and features.

      The Nintendo Switch: What It Needs To Succeed

      I love Hayao Miyazaki’s films. They are beautiful, wonderous, and extremely human. It is awe inspiring to look at his career in animation.

      This is a really good article and it illustrates some of the best qualities that Miyazaki’s films have.

      The Magic and Artistry of Studio Ghibli's Films

      Very Interesting Article! I hope Bioware’s upcoming Mass effect: Andromeda will have a moral choice system that fits somewhere within your article.

      KOTOR is one of my favorite games so I was glad to see it in your article.

      Video Games and Morality: The Question of Choice

      Happy Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launch! I hope that if you are looking to buy a Switch you can find one and enjoy playing it!

      Good luck!

      Zelda Forever!

      The Nintendo Switch: Pre-Launch Analysis

      Hi! I would recommend checking out this Forbes article about battery life.

      They have some interesting statistics and comparison to the battery life of other electronic products.

      Like you, I am also not planning to take the Switch outside, but I think battery life is important to a system touted as a console experience “on the go”.

      The Nintendo Switch: Pre-Launch Analysis

      WOW! Awesome Article!

      You dedication to researching and discussing this topic is awesome. This is such a great point of discussion and you have done an amazing job synthesizing the different aspects of video game storytelling and interactivity.

      Gaming is really an exceptional medium and there are so many ways for game designers to create and tell a story. Gaming is an incredibly diverse medium and when people push the limits great stories and experiences are created. I feel that story telling in gaming is not given enough credit despite the fact that so many writers and game designers make such as amazing stories using in this medium.

      My personal favorite ways to tell a story is through audio logs/files like in games like Bioshock. The deeper dive into the story/world is there for those who want to find out more about the world and its characters but for those who don’t want to dive deeper (those who just want to have some amazing gameplay!), they can just keep going with the game.

      Amazing article! Thank you for creating such a great read!

      Story Telling and Interactivity in Video Gaming

      I am worried about the return of F-Zero. The franchise has been dormant for so long, hopefully it will return on Switch.

      If you are interested in the F-Zero franchise I would check out Fast RMX when it comes out on the Switch, which is a semi sequel to Fast Racing Neo on Wii-U. It has a F-Zero vibe, but unfortunately it doesn’t have Captain Falcon.

      The Nintendo Switch: Pre-Launch Analysis