Avatar Two Long

Recent News has been read stating the James Cameron has just finished the final script for Avatar five which means production can now start for Avatar Two followed by Avatar Three, Four and five. Do you think that this move was a good or a bad idea, Has he set the franchise up for failure with an eight year absence.

  • You could also explore why exactly this model was chosen for production and discuss any other directors that did this and how it worked out for them. – JakeV 6 years ago
  • I like the pun in your title. I wonder if anyone has seen 'A Man Called Horse' (1970) directed by Elliot Silverstein and starring Richard Harris (yes, the same Richard Harris who played the original Dumbledore in HP)? A definite influence on the first Avatar storyline, in my opinion. – Amyus 6 years ago
  • I enjoyed Avatar, but the gap between films has been way too long. People have moved on. Though I would still see the film, I wouldn't rush out on release day, and I'm not sure how well the movies would do at the box office (compared to the original). In addition to this, the original was the first to implement the 3D technology which has now become commonplace. Also, it might be important to mention that the film was a self-contained story, so many people might feel there was no need for the story to continue, which could hurt the sequels chances. – AGMacdonald 6 years ago
  • It's been such a long time since the original...what is the point? It is likely at best to engage a different audience. I remember enjoying the original, and would have watched sequels if they had been trotted out on a regular basis, but now I doubt if I could be bothered. – JudyPeters 6 years ago

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