Birdman: Just One More Like

An analysis of Birdman’s critique on society’s need to stay relevant and the delusions of grandeur that social media brings to the table.

  • I think this topic has the ability to expand beyond analysis of social media. Birdman also focuses on Riggan's struggle with his identity as an actor and a person. He is at conflict between artistic integrity and an ego trip on former triumphs (the Birdman character). – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • Great topic! The article, however, could delve into some of the movie's bigger themes about sociopathic tendencies, envy over other actor's careers, and the performer's longing desire to remain popular for extended periods. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
  • This is a great idea for an article! I like Ryan's idea of discussing artistic integrity vs. commercialized success. Riggan seems to be stuck in this paradox where he desires to remain relevant in a world that he also wishes to escape; we see desire to escape through his Birdman fantasies and through his suicide attempts. – ekeating 9 years ago

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