I am an undergraduate student at Roanoke College studying Literature and Creative Writing. I am also an avid TV watcher and believe in reading for fun - as well as for school.

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    The Merits of Fanfiction

    Since Fifty Shades of Grey, which started as a Twilight fanfiction, became an international best seller and major movie the merit of fanfiction is called into question. Does fanfiction deserve the same credit as the literature its based on? What are other notable works of fanfiction that have become prevalent in mainstream society? At what point does a work stop being fanfiction and start being its own independent work – like in the case with Fifty Shades?

    • I think fan fiction is very important in terms of a cultural expression. I'm still very cautious and confused by things like 50 Shades, but fan fiction itself was the first way I really learned to connect with literature and thing about it in terms of art. It's a unique sphere, certainly. – Helen Parshall 9 years ago
    • I feel that fan fiction is an double edged sword. I do believe that it allows young writers to expand of fictional worlds they enjoy. However, many people do not take this seriously. For more sensitive fans this can excite obvious rage. Worse, I think fan fiction generally has a bad reputation due to this. It's easy to overlook. It's just an unfortunate bi-product of the Internet age. – MerlinTheMighty 9 years ago
    • I think one of the things that angered quite a few people about 50 Shades is that it was based on fanfiction. And one rule of fanfiction at least as I understood it, is that it is not to published or sold like that. It also be interesting to talk about copyright law and fanfiction and how some writers like Anne Rice won't allow fans to write fanfiction with her characters. – Cagney 9 years ago
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    Branded Authors

    Analyze authors who have become their own type of "brand", such as Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen, who have easily identifiable work. For example both Nicholas Sparks and Sarah Dessen have their own "brand" of romance novels. Is the predictability of their work what continues to draw back readers because they know what to expect? Does the predictability lessen their literary merit? Look for other authors across different genres that have their own brand of work.

    • Doesn't every author has a brand? It is that author's voice, which is specific to a writer. You can pick out a writer from Stephen King to Margarett Attwood by just reading the work. That's why people have favourite authors ad will read their newest book. I think what you are talking about is writing-by-rote. What would be a really interesting article is analysing where the line between 'author's voice/brand' and 'writing by rote' is... – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
    • I thin this is an interesting topic because authors like Nicholas Sparks become almost tired because all their novels become predictable – samcel 9 years ago

    Navigating the Publishing Industry

    Today there are so many ways to get work published. Take a look at some avenues of publishing such as vanity press, self-publishing, online publishing, forums, traditional print publishing, etc. and explore the benefits and problems of the different types. Analyze which types of writers (i.e. student writers, professional writers, people who write as a hobby) are best for which types of publishing.

    • In college, my writing professors told us not to be afraid of traditional avenues of publishing. They suggested that young writers should try to get short stories and poems published in literary journals and magazines (there are tons of them out there with calls for submissions). That way, you'd have a sort of resume that a publisher would be able to see, especially if you were interested in having a larger work published and in print. – S.A. Takacs 9 years ago
    • One of my favorite authors of all time, R.A. Salvatore, was asked in an interview: is self-publishing or traditional publishing better in the present publishing industry standards? He answered very honestly that the publishing industry isn't at all what it used to be. New authors have a really hard chance at becoming published by a well known publishing industry because most traditional publishing industries aren't accepting new authors. There is too much liability. He suggested that it is more than beneficial for a new author to self-publish because that seems to be where the industry is leading to. – kmercwriter 9 years ago
    • I would love to read this article. The publishing avenues have increased, but so has the sheer number of "writers," and with it the competition. – Amena Banu 9 years ago

    Mad Women: Gender Wars in Mad Men

    As the final season of Mad Men approaches, take a look at the struggles between the genders in the show. Although sexism is rampant in the show about the ad business in the 1960’s, the women of the show frequently use it to get ahead and still manage to leave the men stupefied. An article could address the effects of this sexism on women and ways they are forced to cope with it.

    • I think it would also be interesting to look at a parallel to today. How is sexism still present in the workplace today and how women deal with it today versus the 1960s. You could even compare a modern show with a similar setting. – Liz Watkins 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Great article! I’m really looking forward to seeing how DC handles this story in the movie!

    Batman and Superman: Comparing Two Iconic Superheroes

    I really enjoyed your article – I think I’ll look at the credits more closely next time I’m at the movies!

    Animation Credits Demystified

    Excellent article! I love the Harry Potter books and I think they accomplish something very few series have – aging with their readers.

    Harry Potter and the Journey of Identity Formation

    Really fun article that made me very nostalgic! I miss that show! The reboot Cartoon Network is currently running is no where near as fun as the original.

    Teen Titans: Reinventing the Teenage Archetypes

    This was a really great article that is making me rethink some binge-watching life choices. As a college student, I see binge-watching running rampant on campus and I feel like watching TV for hours is starting to become more normal than doing work.

    The Insatiability of Indulging: Binging in a New Age

    Very interesting article. I wouldn’t have immediately drawn a parallel between Ginsburg and punk rock but you brought up some really great points!

    Punk Rock in Allen Ginsberg's Howl: Kill Your Idols to Make Yourself a God

    Awesome article! I’m still a little skeptical whether Episode VII will be Disneyfied, but your article made me even more excited for this movie to come out than I already was!

    Star Wars Episode VII: A New Plot Theory

    Awesome article! I saw Theory of Everything and loved it! There are a lot of biopics in the running for Oscars this year which is surprising but well-deserved.

    Life Stories: Can we handle the truth?