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The Merits of Fanfiction

Since Fifty Shades of Grey, which started as a Twilight fanfiction, became an international best seller and major movie the merit of fanfiction is called into question. Does fanfiction deserve the same credit as the literature its based on? What are other notable works of fanfiction that have become prevalent in mainstream society? At what point does a work stop being fanfiction and start being its own independent work – like in the case with Fifty Shades?

  • I think fan fiction is very important in terms of a cultural expression. I'm still very cautious and confused by things like 50 Shades, but fan fiction itself was the first way I really learned to connect with literature and thing about it in terms of art. It's a unique sphere, certainly. – Helen Parshall 9 years ago
  • I feel that fan fiction is an double edged sword. I do believe that it allows young writers to expand of fictional worlds they enjoy. However, many people do not take this seriously. For more sensitive fans this can excite obvious rage. Worse, I think fan fiction generally has a bad reputation due to this. It's easy to overlook. It's just an unfortunate bi-product of the Internet age. – MerlinTheMighty 9 years ago
  • I think one of the things that angered quite a few people about 50 Shades is that it was based on fanfiction. And one rule of fanfiction at least as I understood it, is that it is not to published or sold like that. It also be interesting to talk about copyright law and fanfiction and how some writers like Anne Rice won't allow fans to write fanfiction with her characters. – Cagney 9 years ago

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