Bob Ross' Surge on Gamer Site 'Twitch'

In the past few weeks there has been running episodes of Bob Ross’ "The Joy of Painting" on the typical gaming site "Twitch." This site is usually used to live-stream games but started streaming these episodes on Bob Ross’ birthday. It pulled in 5.6 million viewers, which struck me as very odd. My boyfriend is a huge gamer and told me about this since I am an art student. I watched a few episodes and it was interesting to see how the episodes were reacted to, both in the views and comments. Even though the content was different, the comments were still very erratic and reactive. These two things don’t seem to have a correlation to me and I’d be interested to see some research and analysis on this topic.

  • Twitch chat frequenters are just a bunch of "memers" at heart, not only is Bob calming to even non-painters, but heck did he ever provide them a lot of memes! Kappaross – Slaidey 9 years ago

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