Books Adapted into Movies

It would be a great idea to analyze a bit more on what made film producers want to create a film after a book. This analyzation can introduce the readers to a few reasons that may have attracted the producer to want to see a story from an author come to life. The topic can focus on the romance genre as there have been many movies adapted from books of romance. For example, 50 Shades of Grey which has been a big deal in today’s generation. The book trilogy got not just one movie, but three. What were the attractions that the film producer got from the book that he/she wanted to see on the screen?

  • I think it has a lot to do with popularity, i.e. being listed as a bestseller book and a growing fanbase. From that fact alone filmmakers might have a sense of built in security that the theaters will be full. Take a look at the recent trilogies becoming movie franchises (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.). Also notice similar plots and themes. Genre craze. In regards to Fifty Shades, there really isn't much guesswork to be done. Sexual content, and twisted romance pulled the crowd in just to read. Who would miss it on screen? Modern TV nudity doesn't cut it anymore, rated R movies with "unusual behavior" seems to attract people. – sbermudez 9 years ago
  • Maybe include something about how when a book is translated into a movie the content usually changes some, or something gets left out, and how that affects the viewing experience. – rinamg 9 years ago
  • I would pick a few different movies that started first as books, and talk about how the producer came to choose that book to make into a movie. Then discuss what they might have added/taken away from the original plot and way. Then maybe finish with what you/others consider to be the better of the two options between the book and film. – BlueJayy 9 years ago
  • Because film is a more popular medium, the scary thing is that a lot of people don't even know that many films adaption even came from books. – Lazarinth 9 years ago

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