Capitalist critique in Hadestown

The broadway musical Hadestown, created by Anais Mitchell, retells the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice through a new lens, depicting Hell as a cruel sweatshop and those condemned to it as its laborers, with Hades being the greedy, power-hungry boss. Discuss the parallels to anti-capitalist theory as well as the class politics of those in Hell (working class) being physically and fundamentally separated from those above it.

  • There is also conflict within the story between the romantic qualities of being an artistic/musician (creating something) and the practical concerns (making money/having a stable existence). – Sean Gadus 1 year ago
  • Mmmmm, my inner Broadway fan just went brrrr! :) I like this, and I haven't actually seen Hadestown. Might you consider a compare/contrast with other musicals? 9 to 5 and Newsies spring to mind. – Stephanie M. 12 months ago

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