Carl Jung on Synchronicity and the Esoteric.

An analysis of C.G Jung’s astounding and provocative thought regarding his book on ‘Synchronicity and the Paranormal.’ Albeit having been the founder of Depth psychology, as the advent of esotericism within the 20th century, Carl Jung’s work not only reaches the depth of the mind but borrows the symbolism prevalent within the occult. This article will elucidate the symbolism of Carl Jung’s ‘Synchronicity and the Paranormal’ wherein Jung’s writing regarding the ‘psyche’ and ‘daemons’ is taken into an analytical approach, analyzing the hidden meaning of Jung’s work on psychology and the paranormal and its relevance to the occult.

  • This is a pending post. I suggested changes so it touches more popular culture ways of seeing Jung. As it is here, it sounds more like a topic for a professional journal in psychology. – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • Awesome idea for an article. I have read some of Jung's work and I would add bringing spirituality and Nature into the fold since he believed our connection with Nature enhanced our intuition and to notice synchronicity in our lives when they happen. – youngmollflanders 5 years ago

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