Character Design in Anime

What are some of the ways that Eastern characters are created differently from Western characters? What are typical strengths of anime characters, and what are typical of Western animations? Weaknesses? Consider other design elements, such as coloration, body style, and so on.

  • Anime characters usually expression their emotions more passionately, both in terms of facial expressions and actions. – RadosianStar 8 years ago
  • I'm actually doing a presentation on this for class. A good way to show the difference is by focusing on one piece of the character in. Both styles and comparing and contrasting. By this I mean you can talk about head shapes and explain hey arnold and family guys football shaped heads even phineas and ferb. Then you can talk about eye shapes. This topic has infinitely possibilities in comparisons because America alone has so many differences in animation. – tinydetective 8 years ago
  • It could also be helpful to examine western characters whose designs were influenced by eastern characters, and vice versa. Explore how these influences affect the presentation of these characters and make them stand out from animations which are either characteristically eastern or characteristically western. – Abby 8 years ago

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