Christopher Nolan’s Temporal Disillusionment and Timeline in Tenet

Analyze the timeline and plot line in the film, Tenet to see if it all actually makes sense. Then use this examination to discuss whether all this temporal play was actually an effective device in the film or if it takes away from the actual plot. Nolan is really good at making the audience feel smart, but was he successful here?

  • This movie was one of the most confusing film experiences I've ever had in my life. Unlike the Prestige or Inception, I did not feel like the laws of time/temporal mechanics were clear/make sense to me as I watched it. Gorgeous film and great acting, but it is very complex and dense. – Sean Gadus 1 year ago
  • My main concern with this topic is with the question of whether or not Nolan's temporal play was effective. This question is largely subjective and hard to discuss beyond your personal feelings. To give example of why this question bothers me, many people argued over whether or not Ray in star wars is a mary sue. While I personally believe Ray is and I could explain my stance for that reasoning, many people might not care. Because even with examples they might find those examples as irrelevant. I personally would leave that question alone and focus on the timeline/plot line analysis. Because the film should establish some rules for how events in the narrative works. These rules are objectively provable, because Nolan and the writers set those rules for this movie. If they break there own rules you can point out these contradictions. Poking holes in Nolan's narrative will prove that the film is flawed without really expressing you own opinion. Which should open peoples eyes to problems to the temporal play. – Blackcat130 12 months ago

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