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Comparison of The Same Story Across Mediums

It seems that many stories are remade in multiple genres, from books to tv to musicals to film. I would love to see a comparison of what goes into making the same story into a film vs. musical vs. tv show, etc. It would also be interesting to touch on the pros/cons of telling the story in each medium, or talk about which medium was more successful criticially/financially. It could be an interesting case study.

  • Sherlock Holmes immediately comes to mind, only because I love the literature, am a great fan of the BBC TV series, and yet the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law films and the American TV series leave something to be desired for me when watched with the literature in mind. Of course, the Sherlock Holmes stories are only one example of a piece of literature that has been translated into multiple mediums. There have also been both film and TV renditions of "Jane Eyre," for example. Or the fact that "Wolf Hall" is at least both a stage drama and a TV series. I'm sure there are endless possibilities for this topic! – Rachel Watson 9 years ago
  • It might be interesting to chose a specific story (Sherlock Holmes, or even something like a fairytale, which have been adapted many times in many ways) and compare the various adaptations, see what can be found out about the creative processes in each case, etc. Storytelling varies hugely by medium, as you mentioned, and I think the best way to do this sort of article would be to focus in an analyze closely, rather than writing more broadly and generally. That's just my preference, though. – MissjuliaMiriam 9 years ago
  • This topic could not only be about the same story told across different mediums but over different time periods and by different cultures. Therefore, stories like fairytales (Red Riding Hood told via literature, several films (Red Riding Hood, Hoodwinked, etc. etc.). It would be interesting to define the point about when it stops being "the same story" and if making it with different mediums or slight twists in the tale makes it less of itself. – Matthew Sims 9 years ago
  • You speak of musicals which brings Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera to mind. The former was based off a real story but the latter was based off a book. Examining both could prove to be very interesting indeed. – SpectreWriter 9 years ago

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