DC vs Marvel Movie Franchises: Is It an Actual Competition?

Everyone knows Marvel has been wildly successful with their series of superhero movies from Iron Man, to Thor, to Captain America, to the assembling of the Avengers. Even small name heroes and groups from Marvel are successful in their own movies such as Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. DC on the other hand has failed to make anything of widespread acceptance and appreciation from a mass audience. Man of Steel flopped, and Dark Knight Rising did alright at best. Superman Vs Batman had so much hype built around it, and yet people say the movie was terrible. Does DC stand a chance against the overwhelming popularity and love for Marvel Movies? Is there hope with sections of Marvel doing terrible, such as with certain X-Men movies, the Spiderman movies, and the Fantastic Four movies?

  • Don't forget that certain Marvel properties, such as X-Men and Fantastic Four, aren't actually produced under the ownership of Marvel Studios but Fox. You can still link in how this affects Marvel's reputation and strategy though. – J.P. Shiel 8 years ago
  • Lately, every six months or so DC comes out with a straight-to-DVD (Blu-ray) animated short movie (eg. Justice League, Batman) appealing to a target audience in a niche in which Marvel has little presence. This niche is not as lucrative as Marvel movies though. Another example is The Justice League and Batman having their own video games, though perhaps licensed to Warner Bros., still DC stories and themes live on. It is worth noting these DC based works however, as mentioned earlier Marvel still reaps in the shear revenue bulk with its movies as well as pop-culture territory. Returning to DC themes, I just want to add that DC (Detective Comics) deals with the seedy, dark side of humanity/societies as expected from any detective tale. These themes are different from typical supernatural, nearly immaculate Marvel hero representations. This appeals to some audience groups even though the movies aren't as spectacular as Marvel's. Thanks. – perscott 8 years ago

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