Decoding the Oscars

This may seem redundant to some, but many people don’t really understand how the Oscars work, who is part of the group that chooses the winners, or how one becomes part of the guild. There is room for expansion on this topic, but I think it would be a very helpful article to have read.

  • Awesome topic, I hope someone picks it up! Try researching the specifics of the topic and refine the logistics of your topic proposal. What separates those chosen for the guild from everyone else? Who SHOULD be involved? etc. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
  • You could explore what went wrong with the Oscars, if you feel only a selected few who vote is unjustified. When the Oscars first begin, filmmakers and actors were voted by their colleagues. It would be an interesting point to mention. – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • This is a really great topic! Perhaps you could take a look at media coverage of the Oscars as well. With so many sources trying to predict who the Oscar winners will be, does that have any influence on the result? How does the media affect how the public views the Oscars? – ekeating 9 years ago

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