Destination Truth: Have we really explored everything on Earth?

I wonder if we really have discovered everything there is to know about the past people, mysterious lifeforms and places on Earth, or if there is more out there. Destination Truth, a show on Syfy, goes out in search of the truth behind mythical creatures and other such things. Because of this show, I have been led to believe that we do not know all there is to know about the planet we inhabit. I recommend using the show Destination Truth while you compile an article that either explains what all there can be to explore on Earth. You may also argue that we have explored everything and use the show as a "debater" for the unknown in the world.

  • It might be important to refocus this topic. Scientists know that we haven't discovered everything on Earth. Much of the Earth's oceans and rain-forests remain unexplored. Every year many new species are cataloged, usually insects and plants, but sometimes small mammals, fish, or reptiles are also discovered. It may be of interest to explore the roles of culture and folk tales in the formation of cryptids. Often times Destination Truth is often focused on cryptozoology - the search for animals whose presence cannot be determined, due to a lack of physical evidence. Instead of asking are there more species out there, you may want to ask why are there so many shows that are focused on crytid species, such as, Destination Truth, Bigfoot Hunters, Monster Quest and Survivorman: Bigfoot. In recent years these shows seem to have sprung to life. Even, shows like River Monsters, is trying to capitalize off of the fascination that an unknown creature, such a large mysterious unknown fish species could be lurking in the murky depths of water. Overall, look at the fascination cryptids create and how that translates to marketable TV shows, such as the ones previously listed. – Schmerica11 9 years ago

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