Distance from Reality

Some of the most impactful cinema has been composed of fantastical realms far set from reality. What is it about such fantasy that keeps audiences entranced? How are filmmakers still able, after all these years of a seemingly everlasting genre, to create groundbreaking films which continue to fascinate enormous groups of people?

  • I'd suggest mentioning the movie Pan's Labyrinth. The film is a fantastic example of blurring the line between fantasy and reality, which not many films do. – StefAnghel 8 years ago
  • I don't know that one article can tackle successful fantasy in cinema. I'd recommend utilizing a case study of world-building through Hollywood and noting how it went right by citing and sampling instances through which it's gone wrong. I would definitely read a case study, and that would help focus the topic. – Piper CJ 8 years ago
  • Unfortunately, not all films under the fantasy genre have this impact on audiences, so it would be better to write about this by picking a specific fantasy film, or series, that makes viewers feel 'entranced'. Also, if you look up "fantasy" in IMDB as a genre, you get a list with about 10,000 movies from "Suicide Squad" to "Shrek", so maybe identify further what you have in mind (eg. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.) – Suman 8 years ago
  • Great topic, but I do agree with the preceding notes suggesting possibly adding in a title, or two, to set the mood for what you are attempting to highlight. As for fantasy, it is the ultimate means of escapism--except when the fantastical world is highlighting all that is wrong with society, such as dystopian society. Let's take, for instance, Harry Potter. It is a wondrous place of excitement, nostalgia, familial relations, friendships, emotional and mental growth, and has a wonderful score. How many times have you wished you could eat in the dining hall and have the owls deliver mail to you :-)? – danielle577 8 years ago

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