Do Superheroes Reflect the Times We Live In?

Whether it be Marvel’s “Champions” which introduced a variety of different super powered teenaged individuals with an equal amount of variety when it comes to their racial backgrounds or the introduction of a female Iron Man for a new generation of Marvel comic readers, or DC Comics giving Superman a different outlook to the planet he calls home in the comics as well as the Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman movies. While comic readers sometimes read about these extraordinary individuals to take a break from reality, they often tend to reflect the reality that we the audience lives in.

  • This is a thought provoking topic, it is very broad though because comics have been around for decades. I recommend narrowing the scope to really develop a detailed arguement. Looking at the current decade may be a little too difficult, i think it would be really interesting to analyse superheros that were developed in the noughties since most audiences can relate, and the feeling of the era is still fresh in many peoples minds. Obviously detail major turning points of the decade as a focal point i.e. 9/11, war on terror etc – Iliasbakalla 7 years ago
  • I think this is an interesting question, but needs to be narrowed. There are still a lot of current superhero storylines in the comics that are doing nothing but reiterating the status-quo and don't necessarily resonate as well with a modern audience. Perhaps what you are specifically wanting to discuss would be the reflection of mainstream heavy franchise linked superheroes. It is also worth noting the comics, like any form of literature, will always reflect the times they are written in as nothing is written in a vacuum - just look at Watchmen. – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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