Do we put too much faith in indie games?

In light of the underwhelming flop that was No Man’s Sky, we have to start asking ourselves; "Are we putting too much faith in indie games?". For half a decade we’ve seen indie games skyrocket in popularity. However many gamers tend to forget that simplicity is always a recipe for a successful game.

  • I think No Man's Sky was a game with a lot of confusion around not just the game itself, how it was marketed, and how it was presented to consumers. This being said, I don't necessarily think that No Man's Sky's controversy and issues represents a lot of the indie game industry. Also, I'm not sure how your comment about "simplicity" related to indie games. I think many indie games use very smart formulas to succeed, for example, Shovel Knight was designed as a love letter to retro games. So I think your topic needs a little more tweaking or clarifying prior someone writing about it. – SeanGadus 7 years ago
  • You have a good point Sean I think I'm having a little difficulty putting my point into words. What I mean to say is that just because indie games are made with more love doesn't mean they're always good. – JacksonAP 7 years ago
  • That is a great point, look at mighty number 9 that game was supposed to be the next mega man and instead was a huge disaster according to most critics and fans. – SeanGadus 7 years ago
  • On the one hand you have NMS which did use false marketing. On the other, you have Rimworld which has seen massive praise. Just an idea you could make it about how games in general have been plagued by false promises with crowdfunding failing to deliver on developers promises on gamer's expectations. You could analyze how much of the problem is consumer expectation versus failure to deliver by devs. – NickC 7 years ago

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