Expectations for the live action Jungle Book 2016

Disney is once again releasing a live action version of one of its classics: The Jungle Book, starring Bill Murray, Scarlet Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Walken and Idris Elba…

What can we expect from the film, in the light of other live-action films made like Cinderella, and the others to come (Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast)? What standards should it meet in your opinion? What are the risks of turning the Jungle Book animation film into a live action?

  • In the case of the Jungle Book, it's important to say it's been done before. There have been live action remakes of that film so looking at how they did and what their poor qualities were might help the substance of this article. Neel Sethi will be playing Moogli so it's also important to point out that this film will not only be starring known talent, but new talent since Sethi isn't relatively well known. – SpectreWriter 8 years ago
  • An article on this topic should also include how Kaa's sex has been made female instead of male, on top of Disney essentially retelling their version of The Jungle Book all over again. Perhaps Disney's remake could've used elements from the original Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling as well (Shere Khan being deformed, Kaa having been an ally to Mowgli instead, etc.) that would've made the remake stand more on its own ground and not be a rehash with relatively unknown actors. – dsoumilas 8 years ago
  • I clicked approve, but I would change the angle of this. EVERYONE can easily poke out flaws and to be honest it is just band wagoning at this point to find fault with a live action remake of this film. Sure it has been done before with the Jungle Book, but they were all crap and unremarkable. Taking a different spin like the positives of the remake would be way cooler and way more interesting. Complaining or finding risks in the remake is preaching to an unimaginative choir at this point. No one is talking about how, yes we loved the animated version, but it was soooo racist. This remake could be visually stunning, still have what we love from the animation, but not be classic disney racist. No one wants to read another negative article about remakes, because we all know what they will say and most people already agree with the points. So do something new, fun, and fresh. – Erin Derwin 8 years ago
  • You are right, although the questions suggested here were not meant to be taken as positive or negative remarks, or criticisms. They are here to help evaluating in a neutral way the expectations we can have about this film, what things we would like to see and problems the team could face. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 8 years ago
  • I think the cast alone pretty much guarantees the success of this film. – JinKobayashiHearMe 8 years ago

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