Fanfictions - Delusions or Expressions of Admiration?

Although fanfiction has had a bad reputation in the past (for being strange or ‘weird’), fanfiction allows fans to write stories involving their favourite characters and dwell into their psyche. This article can dwell on the popularity of fanfiction, and express the opinion on whether fanfiction is good or bad.

  • One function of fanfiction that gets overlooked often is that it allows young writers to develop their skills in a community where they can get a lot of feedback - especially with regards to character development. It's a really good way for writers to take an already existing character and write them in an entirely different story while still trying to keep everyone in character (Not everybody succeeds here of course, but it's a good learning exercise). – Grace Maich 9 years ago
  • While it's true that fanfiction can help young writers to develop, it can also lead to a hindrance of creativity. I never did engage in fanfiction communities myself, but several of my friends did and our characters are markedly different. It used to surprise me when I would find their original characters infused with traits, attitudes, actions, etc. of their fanfiction characters, many of which I knew from reading their fanfiction pieces and more often the original novel. I have often wondered if our characters are so radically different in design because my friends who spent large quantities of time with other writers' characters began to...call it absorb...the basic traits, gestures, tones, actions, and ways of thinking from characters they did not create while I (and some of our other creatives) have only my own powers of observation to draw upon as I watch the people I encounter in everyday life. Whether my notion is correct or not is anyone's guess, but it does beg thought. – jennewymore 9 years ago
  • I enjoy reading and writing fan fiction. That being said I often find it troubling when fan fiction delves into the territory of real people. The amount of fan fiction written for One Direction is frightening. These are real people with real personalities that don't become altered due to your wishful thinking. I know I would not want to read a fanfic about myself. It is those types of fan fictions that come across as delusional and slightly creepy. Writing fan fiction based on fictional works is an interesting way to to keep engaged in a fandom. It is also interesting to see how different people interpret different characters since there is no right or wrong way to interpret a fictional being. Certain fandoms have collaborative role playing in the fan fiction realm as well; It keeps people engaged in the fandom. I believe that is an expression of admiration. People are inspired by a world or a character that they want to invest time and energy in exploring that world or character further. I think that is a great compliment to the creators. There is a lot of badly written fan fiction, but there is also a lot of fan fiction that is written with care to the characters or world that they are exploring. Those fan fictions add to a fandom. – LexzieRulz 9 years ago
  • I think something this article could explore is the stereotypes that surround fanfiction. Some people are embarrassed to admit that they write fanfiction because they're afraid that people wil automatically assume that everything they write is like Fifty Shades of Grey. Another thing to consider is that some fanfictions have been successfully published as original work (with some modifications of course). Examples: Fifty Shades of Grey, The Sidhe, Cinder, etc. – VelvetRose 9 years ago
  • Take a look at all the different versions of Harry Potter fanfiction. There's so much! – JennyCardinal 7 years ago
  • For most, it seems to function as a way to explore already developed characters in new scenarios. It can help to be transferred into original fiction through the way that fan fiction writers have to consider what operations or actions live within the boundaries of the already functioning character. Of course some intentionally take the character outside of written or implied canon, but it acts as a way to structure actions around the believability within diameters already set. – talorelien 7 years ago
  • Fanfiction can definitely be cathartic. For example, if your favorite show gets cancelled or goes in a direction you disagree with, it's fun to put yourself in charge. But I don't like it when fan fiction tramples with the basic DNA or purpose of a show. For instance, if an existing show killed off certain characters (and left them killed off) it feels like cheating to bring them back. Or, if you're doing fan fiction for what is clearly a kid's show, it seems unnecessary and stupid to have the characters become stoners. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • Fanfiction allows for crossovers and allows writers to place their beloved characters in settings which they can relate to in better ways. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago
  • Also, it can be worthwhile to examine what role has been played by producers acknowledging themes from some wildly popular fanfics. Case in point the makers of Sherlock made a tongue in cheek reference to the wildly popular 'gay' theory by showing a happily ever after scene in S3E1 or say, mentioning that Sherlock may have Asperger's in the Baskerville episode. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago

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