Female antiheroes

TV has seen a bit of an emergence of female antiheroes in recent years. Some examples include Rachel in UnREAL, Nancy in Weeds, and Claire in House of Cards. Antiheroes have traditionally been male, so it is a breath of fresh air to see women characters that don’t always act within the moral boundaries society has normally expected of them. Discuss the appeal of female antiheroes; are there any limits to the archetype? Is it easier to have male antiheroes?

  • Good topic! Perhaps one of the women of Game of Thrones could be added as an example too? – Ben Hufbauer 6 years ago
  • Very interesting topic! – mattvasconcellos 6 years ago
  • Women of GoT is a valid suggestion but I'd just like to say I think that they should be left out of the article for simplicity's sake. They would cloud the article too much with speculation and there are far too many. Lets maybe keep it easy and focus on female anti heroes as main protagonists in modern realistic dramas? Just to keep the genre specific. If it went all over scifi, fantasy, crime, etc. this article could become too huge a task lol. – Slaidey 6 years ago
  • Jessica Jones may also be an interesting character to explore. – Laura Jones 6 years ago
  • Regina of Once Upon a Time comes to mind, although she may no longer fit the antihero mold since literally separating herself from the Evil Queen. Or does that actually make her more of an antihero? Anyway, she tops my list. Now that I think of it, Zelena might fit, too. – Stephanie M. 6 years ago

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