Females within Game of Thrones

There is a variety of female characters within Game of Thrones, between the fierce, capable Arya, the strong noble Brienne, and the manipulative conspiring Cersei. There is a range of female characters, unlike I have seen in one show before. Examine some of these characters, and provide examples of how some of these roles help or hinder the complexities of women, and their roles on television.

  • oh, man, this is such a good topic to write about - arya especially in the new season (so far) and how she has overcome her complexities in life, Cersei also, and even daenerys targaryen. – scole 8 years ago
  • Yes, I actually wrote a paper on this around two years ago. I took a feminist approach, so just saying. – ismael676 8 years ago
  • A very interesting topic for sure. As a feminist I often struggle with the fact I like watching game of thrones despite how problematic it can be especially in regards to how women are portrayed regularly. But then there are so many powerful women as well... – Lilith 8 years ago
  • I would also take into account the rigidly patriarchal world that these women live in. I find it very jarring how the men talk about the women around them and how they treat them. – ckmwriter 8 years ago
  • Don't forget Sansa. Her character has dramatically changed since season one. Can't leave out Daenerys either. – KennethC 8 years ago
  • Intense topic--I admire and applaud whomever takes on this vast and dynamic topic. The females, especially this season, have been spectacular. They are more than just mere set decorations, but pivotal characters driving the plot and making major moves, more so this season than any other. If there were to be any subtitle for this season it would be "The Year of the Females." They were such a force: the good and the bad. Great topic, one I hope to read, very soon!! – danielle577 8 years ago
  • Additionally, we can't forget about Catelyn Stark, Margaery Tyrell (her grandmother, Olenna, is awesome too, to be honest), Yara Greyjoy, and to a smaller extent Ellaria Sand or Gilly. This show is chockful with powerful, goal-getting women. There is so much analysis to be done! – Suman 8 years ago

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