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Fiction in which the author is the main character

Books like "World War Z" by Max Brooks, in which Max Brooks is a journalist collating interviews from the zombie outbreak. Or "And Then There Was No-One" by Gilbert Adair, in which the protagonist is an author of detective fiction called Gilbert Adair.

Philip Roth is the main character in at least 2 Philip Roth novels:

Operation Shylock – Philip Roth is the first person narrator who discovers that another "Philip Roth" has appropriated his identity and is using his celebrity to push a anti-Zionist political agenda.

The Plot Against America – Philip Roth, as a child, comes of age in an alternate history 1940’s America where Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh has become President and keeps the US out of WW II.

  • An article could not only address different novels and how they approach authors as main characters but also how readers react to it. Does it help or hinder the novel? For that matter I was wondering if first person novels translate better into movies than third person because fans fall in love with the external characters... so does this work the same way? Do we come to love the author or try to treat them as a separate character themselves while within the literature? – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • They are not the authors, they are fictional representations of the authors. – T. Palomino 3 months ago

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