Finding Nemo (2003) Sucks & It's Overrated.

In light of the film’s 20th anniversary (I know it’s not May yet, but I need to get this off my chest) I need to get this off my chest.

Finding Nemo is an overrated piece of crap. Even when I was a kid, I hated it and it has gotten worse and worse for me overtime and I just don’t understand why people love it. The movie got worse in my teen years and it’s even worse watching it as an adult.

The movie is emotionally manipulative, Nemo and Marlin are unlikeable. Marlin is an idiot and Dory is annoying.

The message is pretty much "Screw you parents I’m right. Even though I was wrong for disobeying you I still get rewarded from my parents". Nemo doesn’t get grounded or scolded by his father. When I was a kid who disobeyed my parents, they never let me off the hook. Nemo should’ve faced consequences for his actions when his father risked his life to save him. Nemo didn’t even apologize for Marlin therefore Nemo is a sociopath, and he gets away with being disobedient scot free which enables kids to be disobedient and will expect parents to let them get away scot free. The whole "Let your kid grow up" message doesn’t work because Nemo is not old enough to be on his own AND HE’S NOT A TEENAGER NOR A YOUNG ADULT! THEREFORE, IT DOESN’T WORK! If Nemo were a teenager or a young adult and if he were a more likable character, then the whole "Let your kid grow up" message would’ve worked out a lot better.

Also this movie is not made for adults. it annoys me that people claim that this movie is geared more for adults. What is "So adult about this movie"? Why is there any swearing or characters going to swear then being cut off? Why isn’t there any sexual undertones? Why aren’t there any on screen deaths? Yeah, Coral dies but you barely know her, and they censored it. Now I don’t necessarily have a problem with off screen deaths but if you want to be more adult oriented then you should at least attempt to have an on-screen death. I’ll get more into detail on Coral’s death later. Why isn’t the blood actual blood? Yeah, there is blood, but the color is orange and not red so that doesn’t count? Why isn’t the blood red? Why isn’t there more blood? Why aren’t there adult oriented jokes? Why isn’t there a hot chick that I can jerk off to (I.E. Esmeralda, Kim Possible, Jessica Rabbit, Trudy Proud, Penny Proud, Helga Sinclair, Shego, Eliza Maza, Fox Xanatos and Demona. I know they’re not real. Trust me I can understand the differen

  • This is not the place for emotional rants. We need serious, meaningful and original ideas that inspire high-quality articles. – T. Palomino 2 weeks ago
  • The Artifice is not the place for these kinds of articles. – alexpasquale 2 weeks ago
  • I love the enthusiasm with which all of the other commenters have pointed out the inappropriateness of the proposed article for this platform, and I fully concur with all of their points. That said . . . I mean, come on . . . this is obviously meant as a joke, right? It ends with a list of ten cartoon characters that the author wants to have sex with, for Pete's sake! I refuse to believe that anybody could have possibly meant that as a legitimate critique of a Pixar film. Maybe this would be better suited for The Onion? Don't get me wrong, it would still be pretty bad, but at least putting it in Peter Rosenthal's voice would tip people off that it's not meant to be taken seriously. – ProtoCanon 1 week ago

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