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    What does the end of Annihilation (2018) mean?

    The movie Annihilation (2018) has a pretty confusing ending with lots of interpretations. What happened to Lena? What was the significance of the mirroring alien? How does the ending tie in to the themes seen throughout the rest of the movie? Who is the Kane we see at the end of the movie?

      Taken by Sunni Ago (PM) 2 weeks ago.

      Differences in tone between Marvel and DC comics

      Marvel and DC comics have been said to have distinct tones between them with Marvel being about more grounded protagonists and DC being about more god-like entities. Is there a difference? Which characters are the exceptions?


        Lord of the Rings and it's homage to Macbeth

        In Lord of the Rings there are two satisfying moments that seem to derive from Macbeth’s prophecies. That no man of woman born can slay Macbeth and that the Birnam wood would come to Dunsinane. In Macbeth these prophecies were gotten around in a less direct way of a C-section in the first case and cutting down branches and using it as cover in the second. Lord of the Rings uses alternative outcomes with trees literally marching on Isengard and a woman killing the one that cannot be killed by man. Analyze and critique these differences in the two classics

        • Perhaps expand the topic to include other Shakespearean references and tropes. John Noble's character is a Foolish King. Frodo deals with depression symptoms, similar to Hamlet's "To Be or Not to Be" speech. Sam, Pippin, and Merry could be put in various roles, such as Supportive Sidekick, Comic Relief, or Wise Fool. – noahspud 4 weeks ago

        If the ending of an anime is different from the manga, is it a bad adaptation?

        This question can go for books/movies, comics or really any adaptation. What does a director adapting a piece of media have to prioritize? If this director sees the ending of a work and decides to change the ending to fit his own view, has the adaptation suffered because of it? Imagine a scenario where the ending is, on an objective level, neither better, nor worse than the original ending. Is the new ending a poor adaptation on the sole basis of its deviation from the source material? Or conversely, can the original intent of the author be bent to serve a new story?

        • something that's definitely been on my mind some with specific examples: Soul Eater, Tokyo Ghoul, and the upcoming speculation whether Attack on Titan will have an anime-only ending. – lavenderhatchet 3 months ago

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        Amazing breakdown of the book! Thoroughly enjoyed this read

        The Great Gatsby: Exploring 1920s Class Politics with Colour Symbolism

        Incredibly interesting article!! I love reading about art like this

        Tehching Hsieh: The Experience of Time and Duration in Performance Art

        Yeah that’s why I thought it was interesting to bring up JoJo’s because of the change in demographic when the themes were more mature much before the switch. Also Attack On Titan is like, the poster child of this phenomenon with all of its blood and mature themes in a shonen magazine.

        Marketing vs. Genre in Manga - How They Can Get Confused

        Pretty sure SAO is technically shonen, but since it’s based on a light novel and not a manga it gets kind of muddy.

        Marketing vs. Genre in Manga - How They Can Get Confused

        It can get pretty confusing for fans outside of Japan. I completely understand!

        Marketing vs. Genre in Manga - How They Can Get Confused

        I agree! Many people talk about it like a genre which is what I was exploring

        Marketing vs. Genre in Manga - How They Can Get Confused

        Nice exploration!!

        Daria and the Clich├ęd Representation of Teenagers

        amazing article!

        How Princesses of Color Have Improved the Disney Princess Narrative