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Annihilation: The Alienation of Desire

Analyse and discuss the idea of an "antagonist" without desire, as seen in Alex Garland’s Annihilation. The alien being seen in the film is described as "not wanting anything" and displays strange mimicking behaviour, only reacting to the actions of others. However, its arrival heralds the imminent destruction of life on Earth. How can one reason with such a being? How can you relate to an antagonist that has no desire? How does this lack of motivation affect the characters’ actions? How does it affect the viewers’ reactions?

  • I like this topic quite a bit, actually. I found the movie to be fascinating, and I think this could make for a very strong article. – ValleyChristion 2 months ago
  • Please note this is currently a pending article that should appear for release in Aug/Sept. So if wanting to engage with the topic wait until that article is produced, review and consider before attempting another article. – SaraiMW 1 week ago