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    The Rise of Alleged Misconduct in Hollywood

    Over the last several months, there has been an astronomical rise in allegations of misconduct (sexual or otherwise) within the mainstream entertainment profession. Recently, Morgan Freeman himself was accused- a man that many view in an extremely favorable light. What are the implications this rise in allegations (founded or not) will have on the entertainment industry? Will they fade away, or spark significant changes? I believe this is a relevant topic that may be of interest.

    • This is an excellent topic, but a common one as of late on the Artifice. I would encourage that perhaps solely focusing on Morgran Freeman would help to make this argument a little more unqiue. Otherwise please check out our other topics and published articles that are similar to this one to see how you could either diversify the issue or bring in another angle that has yet to be explored. – Pamela Maria 2 weeks ago

    On the Benefits on Third-Person Omniscient Narration

    Third-person Omniscient is something that many authors and readers have moved away from. But why? Extremely popular once, it has seemed to fall away in the last hundred years. perhaps a deep dive into this topic would be of interest.

    • I agree! It seems as though immersivity within many art forms (i.e. books, games, music, etc.), is becoming a central role in their creation. Looking into what are the first-person and third-person books' defining characteristics/tropes would be a good start. – gabbymb 1 month ago
    • This would be very fascinating to look into! Such an interesting way of writing that would be nice to see more of in the modern world narrative writing. – inkski 1 month ago

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    Depending on whether or not the robots have become sentient and broken from those restraints.

    The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth?

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I definitely agree with your thoughts on the pacing. The slow, methodical buildup before a cascade of revelations is a strong process.

    The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth?

    Great article.I never managed to watch the movie, but now I think should!

    Isle of Dogs: Humanity in the Inhuman

    Finally, a rational argument in defense of the prequels. I have always loved them, and never quite understood why they received so much criticism. Fantastic article.

    In Defense of the Star Wars Prequels

    Great article. An iconic movie, and one that is likely to hold u to the test of time.

    Back to the Future: A Credit to the Science Fiction Genre

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth?

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for all of your suggestions in the editing phase!

    The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth?

    Exactly. I’m not sure those answers will ever be readily forthcoming.

    The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth?