Folk arts of India: production of cultural expressiveness

Through a study of different tangible folk art forms, this article will examine how it preserves and showcases the cultural diversity of India

  • It would be worth including a few examples with your topic suggestion, as I'm sure you have some in mind. This is not meant as a criticism. I dare say there are many at the Artifice who couldn't even name a single Indian poet, painter, writer, film maker - let alone have knowledge of Indian folk arts. In the right hands, this could make for a fascinating article though. – Amyus 5 years ago
  • Indian-American Pulitzer Prize author Jhumpa Lahiri Director of the Creative Writing Program at Princeton University. – L:Freire 5 years ago
  • As someone who has very little knowledge on Indian culture, I'd be very excited to get to learn and be informed through this piece. Perhaps it could include examples of ways that reflect Indian culture accurately (for those who want to learn more), and examples of how it can be portrayed in Western media (and it's inaccuracy). – Scharina 4 years ago

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