Gendered Humor

Analyze the theory or cultural understanding and/or gender ideology that women aren’t funny and the idea that when women use "men’s humor" they are judged as being profane. Also, explore who men and women have used humor to degrading women and desensitize audiences to serious topics such as rape, sexual assault, etc. Why are categories of humor based on gender? What about just calling it human humor?

  • Make sure to edit this and take out "thing" after "funny." It is not needed. Great topic. – Diego Santoyo 8 years ago
  • Personally unaffected by the ideas first expressed in this topic, it will never be quite possible to have "human humor" because we have a society which doesn't differentiate gender and sex. There will never not be gender based humor because men will never understand menstruating and women will never achieve the slap-stick of getting kicked in the balls. – Slaidey 8 years ago
  • Great topic! I'd love to see, if you can, explore how genderless comedy can become prevalent. There are many comedians who use gender to propel themselves and it just does not work. However, gender can play a huge role in informing on gender inequality. The Colbert Report and The Daily Show actually did a decent job with this without being derogatory or perpetuating harmful ideologies (like Tosh.0...) – AriadneDeLaMans 8 years ago

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