Generation X and Y versus Generation Z- the differences between each generation and how it impacts society today.

Critically analyze how generations X and Y, how they were raised versus how generation Z is being raised today. Generations X and Y have been known to handle issues with a tougher outlook, such as getting spanked, while generation Z believes that spanking is child abuse. How has this changed the way our society is? Has the way these generations have been raised drawn an even thicker line to differentiate the generations? How has this impacted our society today as a whole?

  • I wouldn't say that the current generation is being more raised from technology and media rather than from their parents themselves. – Kevin Mohammed 9 years ago
  • My biggest points 1) that I think the current generation is being exploited for financial gain by companies on a level that deeply impacts mental health (like social media and too much tech for young kids). 2) There is a big increase in mental health issues and how the generations respond to that will differ greatly. 3) Society is moving into a more liberal age and information is more easily shared, therefor political and sociopolitical views will differ greatly. – LaRose 9 years ago
  • For the writer of this topic, some serious consideration as to how connect this to Writing/Another Category must be done. – MichelleAjodah 8 years ago
  • For the writer of this article, there should be a serious reassessment of bias. This expresses bias to generation X and Y. I think you can relate this to popular children's literature... but then you'd have to move this topic to literature... – Jill 8 years ago
  • This is out of the scope of The Artifice. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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