Graphic Novels that have powerful themes

It would be enticing to examine graphic novels that explore very powerful themes. "V for Vendetta" is a story that explores totalitarianism. These books could have important meanings that could potentially apply to the real world. These powerful themes can be based of off real-world problems such as government corruption. Whoever writes this can choose any graphic novel or comic book series they feel is relevant to today’s world.

  • There are so many graphic novels you could talk about, I'd recommend bringing some more focus to your topic. – SeanGadus 7 years ago
  • I'm interested in writing on this, but I do agree with the revision note. Are you wanting the author to bring in works of their own choosing? Are you wanting a specific theme about power? – Matt Sautman 7 years ago
  • Can you explain what you mean by "powerful themes?" – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • I agree with the revision notes posted so far. While I definitely approve of this topic, I think elucidating a few more details would be helpful for prospective writers. Please expand. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago
  • This would be such a cool topic, but it's more of a massive concept than a single topic that a single piece can be written on. Even within some single graphic novels, there is tons of material to explore. What exactly do you mean by "powerful themes"? Things that are more political, moral questions, a discussion of sequential art as literature, ways in which the novels have affected the genre? – sk8knight 7 years ago
  • Whoever does end up writing on this, could you create a top ten list? It would be nice to get an overview of what is out there. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • Please specify: 1) What you mean by "powerful themes", it could be anything. You can pull a theme from almost anything so what do you mean by "powerful" 2) Which or what kind of graphic novel are you talking about. There are many graphic novels about anything and everything. – RayOfSun 6 years ago

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