Hail Hydra: Steve Rogers Retcon Horror

Analyze the changes made to the character of Steve Rogers in comic book history, and the recent story line presented in "Captain America: Steve Rogers" issue #1, that Steve Rogers has been a secret Hydra agent all along. Analyze the character’s past actions in comic book history, whether or not this story line gives us whiplash by attempting to create a shocking conundrum, and what it means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Should take into consideration that Captain America's creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, were Jewish, and he was created during the genocide of World War II as a symbol of hope and to make people care about the atrocities taking place. Hydra is an actual Nazi synonym. – Amanda 8 years ago
  • Definitely agree with Amanda. Captain America's very origins are crucial to why "Hydra Cap" is not only horrible in terms of characterization, but also an atrocity in terms of how disrespectful it is towards Simon and Kirby, what Captain American stands for, and towards what happened to the Jewish people. This may seem like an exaggeration, but Captain America truly was created as a hopeful symbol against the Nazi's and the horrors they committed against the Jewish population. – Mela 8 years ago

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