Has the Venom movie set a good precedent?

Capitalizing on the origin story of a very famous villain was an interesting direction to take by Sony. The Venom movie has critically ‘survived’ its release, but where will the story eventually go? So much of Venom’s origin is built around his interactions with Spiderman, causing some people to criticise the appear of ‘web-like’ powers from the character despite no canonical appearance of Spiderman. Should other films focus solely on villains? Or can a villain’s story only be told when alongside their famous superhero.

  • It's a great question: where does Sony plan to go with this? it may be a good idea to examine the thought processes leading up to the Venom movie, and possibly touch on the other films Sony has announced for their shared universe: does a standalone Kraven film without Spiderman make more sense than a Venom one, and can these films survive without Spiderman? On that note, I'm not sure that referencing the Sam Raimi films would be a good idea, as they are two completely separate continuities. – LaPlant0 5 years ago
  • Maybe this is a cynical take on it, but its not clear that they had much of a plan for the franchise after this initial film. I wonder if instead it was meant to be a final effort to pool together Spider-Man fans after the decline of the Amazing Spider-Man movies. The film itself felt directionless in many ways, like they didn't know what to do with what they already had let alone continue it on further. Still, I would be interested to see if they could pull together a fully-formed continuation and have it stand out among the other comic-based movies out. – MSQuigg 5 years ago
  • Analyse the movie in the light of recent negative hero releases like ‘Joker’, ‘Brightburn’ and even ‘Glass’. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago

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