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    The Tsundere/Childhood Friend Cliche

    One staple cliche in anime and manga over the decades has been the tsundere/tsundere childhood friend. Disregarding the sometimes odd definitions of childhood friend (eg kids who met on one day once), the portrayal of excessive violence against male characters for either perceived or minor transgressions is almost always played up for (groan-worthy) comedic effect. The reverse is only rarely seen, and is thus certainly seen as less socially acceptable. What social phenomena contribute to this strange view of violence?

    • A good point. I think that is largely due to the tradition of women being viewed as more delicate than men. I can't explain the sociology behind that.. lol. Perhaps, the fact that women are associated with fertility and child birth. Men are have been accepted as the protectors or "shields" throughout history. This is definitely not to generalize genders, and attach any tropes. Everyone is an individual, but I think those facts have a lot to do with why it is always the tsundere girl beating up the guy, and not the other way around. It would be a bad look if the guy was always beating on the girl. A great entry! – Kibishii 5 years ago

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    Works based around the desire to leave the growing cities predate 1890 by quite a bit. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1852 novel “The Blithedale Romance” was a fictionalized representation of an actual attempt at creating an agrarian utopia at Brook Farm, Massachusetts, in the 1840s. Such attempts were heavily influenced by Transcendentalism, and emphasized reliance on the self and human relations rather than technology; a sentiment mirrored in later classic science-fiction stories like Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt.” (1950).

    Science-Fiction: Defining a Sprawling Genre.

    MP2 was definitely less impressive than the first, especially in the storytelling department. The first pieces the history together as the game progresses, rather than directly telling you what happened like U-Mos does: instead, it starts with Samus kicking Space Pirate and Parasite butt, which leads her investigation to the surface of Talon IV. As she explores, she discovers a decayed world filled with the lore essential to discovering why the Chozo abandoned the planet, which is immensely satisfying compared to being told from the start. You don’t even learn of the Phazon Meteor and Metroid Prime (what would become Dark Samus in MP2 and 3 after absorbing Samus’ Phazon Suit) until much later, leaving an overall sense of mystery.
    Nice choice of screenshots, btw. Quadraxis is definitely the most interesting boss in Echoes.

    How Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Creates Fear, Anxiety, and Frustration

    Satella, the “Jealous Witch,” is the entity the dark hands belong to; not Petelgeuse. He is a devotee obsessed with obtaining Satella’s favor, which is why he went ballistic with jealousy when Subaru forcibly invoked the witch while being possessed. His name’s “Petelgeuse,” not “Betelgeuse,” btw.
    But the main point is that almost without exception, all our choices are either meaningless or will come back to bite us. Only by knowing the variables at play can one make informed decisions that will not lead to devastation, as well as the fact that no one person can change the world alone.

    Re:Zero - Love, fate and sins

    “all of the Guardians of the Galaxy”
    No, Rocket Raccoon survived: all the others died, though. This is an important fact.
    I also don’t think it would be a good idea to make everyone super powered, because then there wouldn’t be any such thing as a “superhero,” since such would be “normal.” Furthermore, human technology would be largely incapable of competing directly against the hyper-advanced alien weaponry and superpowers, not to mention outright magi-technology.

    True Superheroes Should be Replaceable

    Yeah, the cliche of the schoolgirl molesting her busty compatriots is certainly overblown, and there’s nothing wrong with that: however, it becomes less amusing when you realize that this is actually a pretty big problem in Japanese society, and then you understand its prevalence.

    Queer Representation in Anime

    According to what I’ve seen of the series, it appears most people in the series are cursed with suffering. Children are murdered, mass murders and torture occur: it’s presumed to be primarily for shock value, though shock loses its value the more it’s used. It makes people become desensitized to the fictional violence occurring in the series, much like a soldier becoming accustomed to killing the enemy, or an executioner used to flipping the switch. Basically, people care less and less the more something is shoved in their face.

    Why do the Women of Game of Thrones Suffer So Much?

    Except that remasters often are cash grabs, which is why certain companies (ahem Capcom) force you to buy a copy for the current generation console, even if you already the game for a prior console that has reverse compatibility with the current. I really don’t believe selling 10 year old games for $60 can be justified. I don’t mind HD remasters of older games as much (like how I recently bought the Resident Evil Origins Collection), but they shouldn’t be happening only a few years down the road. I remember an issue of Game Informer from 6-7 years ago making fun of this trend of Remasters in their “Game Infarcer” segment with the fake “HD Collection Collection,” demonstrating that this trend of cash grabbing is indeed not going away.

    An Abundance of Remasters: Originality in the Gaming Industry

    Being a remake doesn’t give it an excuse to skimp out on features of later games and drink from the cup of Mediocrity. What it does give it an excuse to do is try to make it the best game in the series. Not to mention that 90% of the characters apart from Tiki are far too weak to be very relevant in the late game, like How Marth can’t fight Medeus with being struck twice and killed, leaving Tiki alone to fight him because she can tank.

    Fire Emblem's Use of Numbers to Tell its Story