How blogging changes the human language

Blogging can be seen as today’s vernacular. But how is it changing the way we write and story tell? How does blogging compare to "proper" writing in the sense of how people understand language today? This piece would require a commentary on whether someone thinks blogging is beneficial or not for storytelling and learning through writing.

  • Talk about different types of blogs. People use blogs to document specific times in their life like a diary (example: NaNoWriMo) whereas others use blogs to display their stories and/or articles. – JennyCardinal 8 years ago
  • The one thing that comes to mind: published stories are to blogging what Latin used be to vernacular languages. I think that blogging is valuable, because it opens discussions to audiences who were otherwise not part of important conversations. Of course, this is not the case for each and every blog (as JennyCardinal mentioned), but it seems to me that there is a 'universalizing' or 'democratizing' feature to blogging that does not exist in more traditional storytelling venues. In terms of storytelling, blogging certainly transfers ownership from fewer authors to many. Microcosms of society can even form around bloggers, which I always found amazing. Is it beneficial, though? I can't help but think it is, in that language will evolve no matter what, that it takes the form of blogging circumstantial. Even if bloggers adopt their own language to which only a few people are privy to, there is a similar phenomenon in specialized disciplines like medicine and law anyway. – mghio165 8 years ago
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