How can writing help with well-being and self development?

Writing is a beautiful tool used in our day to day lives. Everyone has thoughts piling up in their mind everyday. Sometimes we don’t even notice it. Personal well-being is very important for living a fulfilling life. A huge part of having a healthy well-being is emotions. How should we handle our emotions? Using the tool of writing is a great way to express your emotions on paper and help your thought process. Writing is a great way to improve your self development and get through tough times in life. Writing out how you are feeling is a good thing to practice everyday even if you’re not a writer. Self-reflection is like being your own therapist in hard times throughout life.

  • This is a really wonderful topic. Perhaps you can make it more a discussion topic by adding how writing out emotions continues to well being. Or opening it up to how writing emotions contributes to emotional well being and awareness. Or even journaling in therapy or in therapeutic process? Perhaps different methods of journaling ( just writing words, creative writing, narratives, story telling etc?) – birdienumnum17 4 years ago
  • A good idea, what, I think is needed is some perspective. In other words, an essay addressing this topic needs to discuss writers who used self-development writing and how it helped them. Perhaps there are movies or TV shows where self-development writing has been used so some sort of timeline can be seen where self-development writing begins and what it leads to. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • I wonder how the reverse applies? Writing to process emotions/trauma can also help you grow as a writer. Memoirists do this and so do novelists and poets...Jillian Weise wrote a novel (The Colony I believe) about life as a person with a missing leg and the pressures and misconceptions of those around her. She developed it from a series of journal entries. Writing can help you move towards personal well being and learn how to transform emotions into art. – rosebo 4 years ago

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