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    Is the Increase in the Price of Books Acceptable?

    As someone who is an avid reader, I’m always going to bookstores and browsing through stacks of books. However, every time I return to a bookstore, I notice that the prices have significantly increased. Many people are not crazy about e-books; they prefer the written word. Therefore, it is difficult to justify spending so much money on a few books. On average, I have observed that they range anywhere from $25-$30. Why is it that movies can be rented for $4.99, but valuable pieces of literature cost almost triple that? Shouldn’t the reading of literary masterpieces be encouraged? Books are outrageously expensive, and that detracts customers from wanting to spend the money. If books were less expensive, perhaps more people would read. Putting such an expensive price on creative writing seems non-sensical, and the world could benefit from this being changed. Authors must make commission somehow, but perhaps more people would buy the books if they could afford them. Yes, there are libraries, but bookstores have a wider range of books, and people can customize them by highlighting their favourite phrases or making notes. To put it simply, the increase in the price of books is unnecessary and creates more harm than help. The world could benefit from reading more literature.

    • 'If books were less expensive, perhaps more people would read.' A lovely idea, but unfortunately the old adage is true - 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.' There are some people who wouldn't read books even if a dozen books were given away free with their morning cereal. – Amyus 3 months ago

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    I’ve noticed that after physical activity, I feel a powerful surge of creativity and productivity. I observed the correlation between the two, but I wasn’t sure if it was just me. This article was helpful. I now know what to do when faced with writer’s block, or if I’m just in need of creative flow. Thank you!

    Walking and Writing: The Effects of Exercise on Creative Thinking

    This article is great for those who do not understand why Creative Writing is so important, or for those who understand just how relevant it is in modern society. It’s true: if you tell people you want to pursue a career in Creative Writing, they shoot you that smug look, as if your plans are insignificant. Writing is reliable, though–not just from an economical standpoint. Writing is reliable for the mind, the soul, and the heart. What could be a more powerful feeling in this world than knowing your words have influenced and impacted people for the greater good. No job can provide you with a comparable satisfaction.

    Creative Writing is the Sincerest Form of Reality

    The relation between food and feminism is enlightening. Recently, I started watching the show One Tree Hill, (an oldie but a goodie) and I find that the show also demonstrates feminism through food. Karen is a single mother who was abandoned by the father of her child, yet she has to suffer in his presence, as he resides in the same town as her. She is often shunned by other mothers because of her “bastard child.” However, the wife of her ex-boyfriend (the father of her son) steps up and helps Karen run the cafe, despite the adversity and criticism she receives. The show simply proves that women can be connected in all sorts of ways, and in many films, particularly through food.

    Feminism and Food in Film